Appealing Depth

Avaiki pearls represent the best of both worlds. They have the rarity and integrity that increasingly appeal to end-purchasers of jewellery.

Avaiki pearls reflect a myriad of lustrous hues, varying through blues and deep silvers to the prized peacock hues of green and aubergine - a subtle interplay of colours that is anything but black.

Avaiki pearls also have a range of specific benefits.

To meet quality thresholds, pearls are uniformly graded and only those meeting the A, B and C grades qualify for the Avaiki brand. Avaiki pearls must also spend at least 18 months in the lagoon for the first seeding and 12 months for successive seedings. So they have a consistently deeper nacre than many other pearls.

This extra nacre thickness provides higher lustre, added working resilience for jewellers, and a more durable investment for end-purchasers.

Avaiki pearls truly are pearls for our time.