Christine Hafermalz-Wheeler

Master Jeweller
The Artist Goldsmith

"My pieces are designed to inspire, not to impress." For the numerous clients around the world that proudly own one or more of her distinctive jewellery pieces, this succinct description by Christine Hafermalz-Wheeler of her approach to her work will come as no surprise.

For over thirty years, Christine's inspired jewellery pieces and collections have been exhibited as far afield as London, New York, Beijing, Melbourne and Auckland. In that time ever-increasing numbers of avid collectors have sought out her work for its genuinely unique qualities.

While Christine's organic jewellery creations have embodied a myriad of gems and precious metals, she has a special fondness for Cook Islands pearls. "Being organic, these pearls are closer to living organisms than the minerals of most gems," says Christine, "their subtle range of colours and the richness of their lustre is so seductive."

Not surprisingly, she has her own design approach to working with pearls. "Each pearl is an individual; I select each one for its colour, shape, and texture to take its place in an ensemble of materials that I am collating. I prefer to drill my own pearls, so I can orient them exactly as I wish."

Christine sees creativity as the key to gaining attention for pearl jewellery. "To the uninitiated, one string of pearls can look much like another, whereas jewellery artistically created around the distinctive qualities of each pearl produces a recognisably unique piece of jewellery."

Christine finds Avaiki Cook Islands pearls a particular pleasure to work with. "Having cut many pearls in half for use in earrings, I can vouch for the excellent depth and evenness of nacre in the Avaiki product. The lustre is also consistently of very high quality and the colours are magnificent."

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