Kira Kampmann

Avaiki Wholesaler

Kira Kampmann’s fascination with pearls flows directly from her thirst for adventure. In 1999, while sailing across the Pacific, her yacht called into the atolls of French Polynesia, where her curiosity led her to visit a local pearl farm. The sensory experience of tropical lagoons, warm smiles and lustrous black pearls became a turning point in her personal and business life. Kira was hooked on pearls.

Over the next two years, Kira built considerable knowledge of every facet of black pearls and then travelled the globe promoting them to audiences, many of whom were unfamiliar with the gem’s qualities.   

Following her South Pacific experience, Kira decided to set up her own pearl wholesaling business in Scandinavia, handling pearls of every hue. Her company, Marc’Harit, now specialises in fine, saltwater cultured pearls from around the globe.

Kira makes frequent visits to her grower suppliers to see their operations first hand and enhance the trusted personal relationships her business is based on. She is also keen to deal with pearl growers who respect the environment and adopt sustainable practices on their farms.

When Kira was introduced to Avaiki Cook Islands pearls, she was captured by their quality, integrity and story. “They had all the good qualities I look for in the pearls I handle”, says Kira - “consistent quality, a responsible attitude to sustainable farm practices and a beautiful story around a small island of very special people whose livelihood depends on their black pearl farming. I think Avaiki pearls have a really good future in Scandinavia.”